Yep, it's OFFICIAL...

I'm getting married.

I popped the big question Saturday night...

"She" said YES...

I was nervous as crap too...

Talk about butterflies lol, I couldn't eat anymore lol...

Anyways check out the ring below.

And the "life event" change on Facebook...

Now check out the video below to hear what I have to say about the whole ordeal now that the butterflies have settled down a little bit...

Trust me, it'll bless you tremendously whether you are married, single, divorced, or even dating :)


- Adrian Hines

"The Fiance' Of..."


P.S. Thanks for sharing in the excitement with me 

...or ARE YOU?

Want to find out?

Watch the video below my friend.

And in the words of a famour rapper...

...stay true to the game :)


- Adrian 


Here's the blog post I referenced at the end of the video.

And if you like what you see and want to go ahead get started then click here. If not that's cool as well.

- Adrian

(404) 494-0224

A MUST watch if you really want to achieve your goals and be successful and whatever endeavors you go for.

- Adrian

September 15, 2012 was the last day that I ever worked in corporate America.

I was a manager at a 3rd party kiosk for Sprint, working 5-6 days a week, with a minimum 45 hours. I was at the busiest mall in Georgia.

My team and I were making very good money. But I was miserable. There were times when I didn't want to go to work. I could handle the stress but didn't want to because I was tired of the corporate world.

I personally didn't want to put up with that crap.

I was tired of the lying customers trying to weesle their way into a new iPhone.

I was tired of baby sitting grown men at times.

I was tired of upper managment pressuing me to pressure my team to get more and more sales and sometimes trying to get us to do things unethically.

I was tired of standing ALL day long.

Again the money was good.

But it wasn't worth it to me. I wanted freedom way more.

So I did the unthinkable. I walked away from a $6,500+/mo job where the most I ever made in a month was shy of $7,200.

You think I'm crazy?

I don't think so. I think someone is crazy for deciding to stay in a place where they aren't happy just for the sake of money and they aren't willing to do something else part time that can help them live the dream life they really want.

Now I understand we all have to bite the bullet at times, be responsbile, and stay somewhere for a period of time to make things happen...

That I get...

And so when I left corporate I started going on a freenzy just talking about how I wanted to help X amount of people walk away form their jobs. That worked...

But only for a little bit.

It peeked people's curisotity, their interest, and got some of them excited just a little bit.

Some people even joined me.

But that was it.

And so recently I've been...

Actually you know what, I decided to just make a video explaining this. Watch it below.

- Adrian 

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