It's natural in life to seek 2nd opinions on things.

Heck just today Vanessa and I were at the Sprint store checking on something and it sounded like the sales rep didn't know what she was talking about. So I was like ok, thank you and we walked out.

I immediately got on the phone and called another location that was further away to speak to a guy I used to manage to ask him what the real deal was concerning that situtation. He told me what I needed to know and I thanked him.

I knew at that moment I got the right information when I sought out a 2nd opinion.

However what happens when you seek a 2nd opinion on something that has an impact on your life, health, future, etc...

...and that opinion is different than the 1st one you got and it leads you down a path that makes things worst.

What do you do then?

Has that ever happened to you and it's left you worst off than before?

I don't know about you but it's happened to me recently.

About two weeks ago I went to get an exam for contacts. The doctor told me some information that was brand new news to me. Because he went to school, graduated, and has a position of authority, I trusted him.

When I went back to pick up my trial pair of contacts, they had to fit me for them. This time there was a different doctor. The contact in my left eye was feeling abnormal which the 1st optometrist told me would happen.

As the 2nd optometrist was having me to do the vision tests with the new contacts in, he was asking me how they felt. He looked at my chart and told me there was no need for me to get the lens and prescription that was originally prescribed to me for my left eye.

So he changed my prescription and gave me a new contact for my left eye. I was cool. I trusted him, again because he was in a position of authority AND I liked that he was saving me money lol.

Funny, I know but hey that's how we do at times. At times even I think people are trying to "get over" when they sell or prescribe things.

But anyway, back to the story.

So I have this new contact in my eye that wasn't the original prescription the 1st optometrist gave me. Immediately I notice something funny about my left eye. The vision was a little blurry far off. 

I'm thinking no big deal, my eye just needs to adjust to it.

Well that didn't happen.

I wore contacts the next day to church. Same feeling. My right eye was fine but my left eye was feeling a little blurry, especially when I was looking long distance. It's kinda hard to explain but it felt weird.

I knew at that moment it was the contacts. 

So I scheduled another appointment to see what was going on.

When I went back today, the original optometrist was there. I explained to him what was going on with my left eye. He asked why was my prescription changed. So I told him.

He instructed me to take out the left contact, he ran a few vision tests on me, then broke the news to me.

He said the original prescription that I gave you would have worked for your left eye but since you had in a weaker prescription and the lens wasn't fitted correctly for the type of eye you have, that's why when you looked far off things were blurry. He also explained the difference on why objects look different when you have on glasses versus contacts. The optometrist broke everything down in terms that I could understand.

I walked away with a great understanding of why I needed a different prescription based off what I was used to having. I thanked him and was on my way.

You probably are wondering why I'm telling you this story.

Here's why...

Think about how many times we seek or a 2nd opinion is given to us by a well meaning person, or a person that is in a position of authority...

...and because their response is what is the norm for us, what's comfortable for us, and may save us money, we roll with it instead of going with the 1st one. Usually we don't realize until its too late that it was actually the wrong advice to follow.

Yes we saved money. Yes it was comfortable for us to do. Yes it appeased us...

But it was wrong.


And it set us back.

Sometimes there repercussions are greater depending upon how high the stakes are. For me I'm glad it was just dealing with contacts. I'm grateful that my eye was telling me that this 2nd opinion prescription is going to do more harm than good.

Some people aren't as fortunate.

Think about a 2nd opinion you decided to follow that jacked you up.

Maybe you listened to the wrong advice on who to date. Maybe your parents told you not to date that nuckled head boy/girl but you thought you knew what you were doing because you were in loooooove.

How did that turn out?

Maybe you followed the 2nd opinion of a person that told you what career path to go down and now you're in student loan debt up to your eye balls, you hate your career, and life doesn't seem fulfilling.

The "maybes" are endless.

But hopefully you get the point.

Sometimes seeking a 2nd opinion can jack you up.

So I want to caution you, be careful who you get your 2nd opinions from. Even if they have degrees, well paying positions, or know more than you in that area.

Not all 2nd opinions are to be followed. Use discernment. And don't always look to be saving money. Sometimes you gotta spend more to do what's best for you.

I thank God that now I can see better.

I'm embracing my new prescription and am grateful for it.

- Adrian

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So my babe Vanessa came across this article on titled "Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders". Being that I'm an avid student and is definitely a reputable company, I decided to take a look at the article.

Before she read me the article (because I was driving at the time), she asked me what I thought the #1 reason was we most startups fail.

Me thinking I know something, I started rattling off answers.

Her reply was nope.



And nope.

Not  in the mood any longer to guess what the correct answer was, I gave in and asked her to just tell me lol.

She then started to read me the article.

When I heard what the #1 reason was to why 9 out of 10 startups failed, I had an ah ha moment and thanked God I am where I am.

According to the research done by based off 101 post-mortem essays from startup founders whose businesses failed, the #1 reason why 42% cited they failed was



........ there was a lack of market need for their product.

Read it again.

There was NO NEED for their product.

In other words not every idea for a product is a good one that you can turn into profit.

Me being an entrepreneur since my early child hood (more on that on another blog post), and having quit my job 5 times just to be free, I would think that the main reason was lack of capital.

But in reality that's just a symptom of the main problem.

Since 2008, I left the traditional network marketing world and came online to sell digital marketing training products and businesses in a box (as a reseller) to those that are looking for freedom leveraging the internet.

Because everything is pretty much internet based now, the products and services I bring to the market place are always in high demand. That's why I chose the particular industry and company I'm an affiliate of.

That's not the case though with entrepreneurs that want to create their own product. As a matter of fact, just the other day I did a video series on why I'd recommend anyone that wants to use the internet to make money to start off selling other people's products, better known as an affiliate marketing. (The pic below is from the video series. It'll be released later this week).

Even when it comes to that, there are a few things I suggest that people look out for before just selling anyones products.

#1 Is there a high demand for it?

#2 Is there competition selling that product? If there is its a good thing because that means people want it

#3 Is there a high commission payout?

#4 Is there reoccuring income built into the business model?

...and those are just a few.

Selling others products starting out helps you to get a feel for how the sales flow goes, how systems operate, what it takes to market a business without feeling the weight of running it as well, and a lot more.

That's just my biased opinion though.

On the flip side, many entrepreneurs that have ideas about their pwn product or service don't do the market research before hand to see if there really is a need for what they want to offer.

As the article states, many take what Steve Jobs said to heart: “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” It's not wise to blindly build your whole business on that.

Take the tv show Shark Tank for instance. How many entrepreneurs go on that show with a "good idea" but don't get the funding because the experts in business tell them there really is no market for it to invest in?

Countless right!

There's a reason for that. Now please understand I'm not saying that they are God or anything. However there is wisdom in the multitude of counselors. Got it?!


At the end of the day, there are pros and cons for either creating your own product/service or being an affiliate marketer like myself. Just make sure BEFORE you invest your time, money and energy, you do your research.

Wrapping up I will say this, if you know the idea you got to create a product is what I call a "God Idea", then ask Him for wisdom, setting you up with the right people, open doors, and favor. Then run with it according to His timing.

That's it my friend.

Hope you found this post insightful. If you want to read the full article from, check it out here.

Until next time...

...peace out!

- Adrian


Growing up as a black kid I didn't have a whole lot of name brand clothes and shoes.

My mom had 3 sons and did the best she could. We always lived in a nice home and had food to eat and the necessities.

Having the top of the line shoes and clothes just wasn't high on the list.

When I got a job my junior yearin high school, I started to splurge on shoes and clothes.

I THOUGHT by buying all the Jordans, Nikes, Polos, Fubu, Tommy Hilfiger, and whatever else we wore back in the late '90s, that I'd be cool.

My self esteem was tied to my wardrobe.


Sadly, I can only speak for the black community, many of our kids STILL grow up thinking  that way.

And when we become adults, most don't renew their  mind and start thinking differently. That's one reason we live pay check to paycheck, are in debt up to our eye balls, and don't get ahead in life.

So as a young adult I continued that downward spiral buying shoes and clothes, getting into debt, wasting mone y...

...until I woke up.

I realized my self worth and value is NOT in some stupid shoes or clothes.

My self worth is tied up in who GOD created me to be, which is in His image.

So I stopped buying all the name brand stuff for the sake of looking cool.

Now when I buy shoes or clothes, I buy because I like them and I usually keep them now for years...

I'm not into buying brand new stuff all the time, I've got more important things to invest in...

Which brings me to the picture below.

That's my latest collection of shoes (not including dress shoes).

Most of them I've had over a year.

The only reason why I got some recently was because my twin was leaving his job as a manager at a popular shoe store here and Vanessa wanted me to have some new shoes since we could get a discount...

...hence the Polo boots and New Balances :).

To be honest, I didn't pay full cost for the Kobes or 95 Air Max either. I knew someone who worked at FootLocker when I got them :)

(I don't like paying full price anymore).

...anyways I'm telling you this story to show the growth that has transpired in my mind.

Instead of buying shoes and clothes, I'd rather invest in our business.

Not saying this to brag but to put things in perspective, in the last 2 months alone, we've invested well over $1,259 in our business...

...and that doesn't even include what we spent in marketing. You'd probably piss in your pants if I told you that.

Vanessa and I know it takes capital to run a business, to scale it up. And we're not afraid to do it. We bless GOD that we have the means to do it too.

I'm also telling you this story because it bewilders me when I hear how people want to change their lives, create a life of freedom, but aren't willing to invest a small amount of money (compared to investing in a franchise) to test drive a system 100% risk free that could give them the life they've always dreamed about if they just make it happen. 

I just don't get it.

You give me hope though. I don't believe that's you.

Especially since you've read this far.

You want more out of life.

You want to pursue your purpose and have the freedom to do it.

This powerful system will allow you to do just that. 

If you see like we and over 10,000 other people that this system works and can help you achieve the life of freedom that you want, then you'd be billed $47/month after that.

No strings, no catches, you can cancel at anytime.

So what's it gonna be my friend?

Do you want to create a life of freedom which you can get started down that journey with our help for less than the cost of a cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory (which is my favorite btw)...

...or do you want your life to remain the same?

Choice is yours.
- Adrian (404) 494-0224

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