I remember back in 2006 time frame reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki called "Rich Dad's Prophecy: Why the Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Is Still Coming...and How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit from It!"

I don't remember a lot from it but I do recall something that was said which in my opinion was bit of a prophetic message. He said the middle class in America is slowly going away. At the end, it's going to be the upper class and lower class. The rich and the poor. No more in between.

He also mentioned that there was going to be a big collapse in the United States economy very soon. Mind you, he wrote this book back in 2002. I read it in 2006.

In 2008 as sure as he called it, the United States went through a HUGE economic downturn that not only effected the banking and auto industry. But it effected the housing industry, hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. Countless businesses closed down to never re-open again.

Thousands of homes went into foreclosure. As a matter of fact, 6 years later, we are still feeling the effects of it.

There are more foreclosed homes in America than homeless people.

It's sad but true.

Here in Atlanta, once prominent neighborhoods back in the 90's and early 2000's are now regular run down, crappy nieghborhoods that I wouldn't even live in. It's because people that were making good money had to foreclose because they could no longer keep up with the payments.

The recession that the U.S. went through has really caused people to hit rock bottom. Some are clawing their way to get back to the top. Many have made it back on top, while others are yet to regain their swagger.

As I see what's going on in the land of plenty of opportunity, I recall what a Jewish carpenter said:

"The poor will always be among us".

I can see that being the case in 3rd world nations. But here in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, it shouldn't be. We are exposed to so many different opportunities that its crazy!

We have access to the internet that allows us to have a global business and make transactions all over the world. We're no longer confined by building codes, insurance regulations, red tape, etc when it comes to making money online.

Heck even if that's not your fortay, you can still start a brick and mortar business of any sort. Baking, consulting, insurance sales, selling Italians suits, manufacturing upscale garage doors, and countless more ideas.

Not even the sky is the limit when it comes to what you and I can do here in America.

I believe the #1 reason why the poor will always being among us here in the states is because of our mindset.

I'm going to generalize here talking about the middle class so don't shoot me. And no I am not talking about you.

I think too many of us that are slowly slipping from the middle to lower class have a woe is me mentality. A mentality that says its the governments job to take care of me. A mentality that thinks people owe us something. A lazy mentality. A mentality that is waiting on the calvarie to come. 

If this is you...



Life won't give you what you want but what you are willing to fight for.

A wise king once said:

Those too lazy to plow in the right season will have no food at the harvest.


If you love sleep, you will end in poverty. Keep your eyes open, and there will be plenty to eat!

When I read that the other day, it was a warning for me to not get too comfortable. It also helped me to see how easy it is to allow poverty to overtake us.

Keep in mind I'm talking about the middle class, not those that are already poor.

Most middle class Americans are only one pay check away from being put out of our homes. That's crazy.

Most middle class Americans don't like their profession yet they stick with it because it's paying the bills. Yet many are afraid to try something new and to go after their dreams for fear of failure.

My friend I'm here to tell you right now, if you continue to allow opportunities to pass you bye...

If you continue to say no to your dreams...

If you continue to allow fear to rule you...

If you don't change your mindset and carpe diem aka sieze the moment, then you won't have any food in the harvest season.

You'll be lacking.

It's called being on welfare. Only getting money from social security. Working at a fast food joint or grocery store late in your life because that's all you could find.

Now I'm not knocking those that use government assistance or have to keep working at an older age. All I'm saying is that YOU can avoid it.

But you've got to change your mind.

Don't allow yourself to be lazy. Don't think that all there is to life is coming home from a long day of work, watching tv, eating, then going to bed, only to get up early the next day to repeat the process.

Life doesn't have to be that way.

But if you don't change NOW then the old proverb will come true in your life:

A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—
then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

For me, I chose to turn to the internet to make money and be my own boss. Now I have the honor of impacting people's lives and developing world class leaders. You may or may not be interested in what I'm doing.

That's fine.

Just find something that you are into, that you are passionate about, that solves a problem in society and DO IT.

Hope this helps my friends!


- Adrian Hines





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I just sent the following message to my subscribers.

Hope it's beneficial to you.

------------ Begin Message ------------

...I'm gonna do it anyway.

And I gotta warn you upfront, I'm gonna be more direct in your facein this email.

It's not directed at you but the other person reading my email.

If you read all the way through I give you my word that you'll be able to take something away and use it in your life and business if you have one.

Earlier this week I had a person buy the $25 viral blogging system from me.

We had a short convo via text and this person made a decision to buy.

I logged into my Empower Network back office to transfer my weekly earning to my bank account (pic is further down)...

...and I see that this person has already quit AND asked for a refund.

No sweat off my back because #1 I'm not tripping about $25 lol.

#2 that's that person's life.

#3 Empower Network is NOT for everybody.

But then I got upset, kinda ticked off. Here's the reason why.

I looked at the amount of money that is being deposited into my checking account (see below)...

...and then I began to think about wow, I remember when I had a job and it took mea whole month to make this.

(My results are not typical and may vary. See our income disclosure here.)

I remember when I got started in this industry back in 1999 and I never made this amount of money in ALL my ML M's COMBINED...

Which was more than 5.

I remember when I came online back in 2008 and it probably took me 2 years to make that amount of money.

I remember staying up late, getting up early,shooting tons of videos, blogging, writing articles, being frustrated at work because all I wanted to do was get home and get onmy computer so I can work on achieving my dreams.

I remember all the sacrifices that it took me to get to this point (and trust me I have soooo much further to go)...

I remember making a decision that I'm gonna see this thing out no matter what because I believe in myself being able to have a huge organization that is succeeding and living their dream life like me.

And I got PISSED because the hardest thing for me to do as a leader is to get people to believe in themselves and KNOW that THIS is possible for them.

If you think I'm out for your $25 lol you got it all wrong.

I could care less about that.

It took me a minute, but after simmering down, I remembered the wise words of a mentor of mine:

1. Adrian, you gotta believe in them AND for them until they can believe for themselves 

2. You have to continue producing, sponsoring people, making 2 blogging sales per day, speaking the vision of freedom and hope until I am blue in the face and I have an army of freedom soldiers following you.

I stopped everything I was doing, didn't place any ads at all. I went in my room, got on my knees, prayed, then I put on my Beats by Dre headphones, and listened to some Inner Circle audios (another product in Empower Network) so I could get back focused again.

Here I am now.

I want you to know that anything is possible for you.


If you want the free life...

Financial, time, relational, mental, and emotional freedom...

It's yours for the taking.


I believe in you.

You can do this.

And I want to help you gain your liberty,gain your freedom.

Will you let me help you?

If so you've got to go here to get started.

I'll see you on the inside my friend.

- Adrian

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It's been a while since I actually decided to sit down and write a blog post versus just posting a video on my blog.

I think sometimes people read faster than watching a video.

As I am writing I may be a bit all over the place however I'll make sure I bring it back home to make sense.

Over the past few days and weeks I've been sensing God has been dealing with me about debt and getting rid of it. In my heart of hearts I want to truly be ready for when the massive financial overflow manifests itself.

What I've realized and I'e been guilty of this as well, is that we pray to God for more money and chances. We think when we make more money that we'll be able to handle all the debt that we have.

That's not true at all.

He says if we are faithful over a few things He'll make us ruler over many.

If we are wise with the money we have now, no matter the size, then we are proving to Him that we can handle the overflow.

Many of us pray for overflow but don't have the wisdom to handle the trickle that we have now.

So I made a decision, after praying and asking for forgiveness, to be faithful with what I have now. I know that since I am a king - priest in the marketplace, then I MUST represent Almighty God in every area of my life.

I have to live what I am preaching.

I know this year is a breakthrough year for me in business. When I say breakthrough I mean earning in the millions.

But if my actions show I am not ready then it'll destroy me.

If I am not allocating my funds correctly, paying myself a certain percentage/amount from my business, paying taxes quarterly, re-inveting at least 20% back into my business for advertising, paying off debt, and saving...

Then why should I ask God for increase?

Why should you if you're not handling your responsibilities right now?

After looking at the last 7years of my life, which I made great progress in, I saw how much further I have to go. 7 years ago I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.

I know about the envelope method. I know about the debt snowball.

But just because we know something doesn't mean we'll do better.

After seeing how disciplined I was with my last 10 weeks doing T25 workout, I knew that I could do anything. Sounds odd coming from a guy that is so consistent and persistent in business right?!


Yeah I know.

Sometimes you can have blinders on in one area but be all over the place in others.

Anyway, after tired of being in a holding pattern (like airplanes do when they can't land), I made a firm decision to get control of my finances and run my business and financial life the way God wants me to so He can get glory.

I subscribed to Dave Ramseys, Grant Cardone, and Suzie Ormans podcast.

I have financial books from David Bach and Dave Ramsey that I'm going to read through. Check out the pic from Instragram below that I posted a few days ago.

I have a financial course I paid $2,000 in that I'll be revisiting as well. This was from a previous business called Wealth Masters International.

I've cut out eating out and spending on the unnecessary.

I sat down last night, pulled my credit report and scores, and totaled how much debt I have to pay off. In all I'm looking at eliminating right at $30,000 in debt.

Most of my debt came from when I quit my job back in 2004 to do my Primerica business. I fell behind, got a car repoed amongst other things. I'm thankful I don't have any student loans :).

I'm believing God that now that I am SHOWING Him and not just telling Him I am serious about running my financial life and business His way...

That He will begin to move heaven on my behalf and this debt will be gone in 2 months.

Yep 2 months.


You can believe me or not. That's not what's at stake. What's at stake is my freedom. I won't be a slave to the lender anymore. I am free.

I am free to do as God wants me. To sow into whoever's life as He leads me without being concerned about paying a bill.

This is my declaration of faith.

I'm not listening to the middle class any longer. My mentors are those that earn 7+ figures per year and doing it the right way. 

That's all I have for now.

I hope it was able to shed light on what you need to fix as well.


I'm extended a private invitation for you to join me tonight back here at 8PM ET. I'm hosting an exclusive webinar that I am NOT sharing with the open public.

I'll be teaching on something I've never taught on before to you.

If you jack this "one thing" up...

It doesn't matter how much you know about blogging, making videos, getting traffic to your website...

Your time and money will be wasted.

To see what this "one thing" is and how to avoid messing up your business forever, then come back here tonight at 8PM ET. Refresh the page then.



Also if you have any prayer requests, shoot me a text so I can be praying for you. My number is 404-494-0224.

30 minutes before we have our prayer call at 7:30PM ET. If you want to be a part of it, the number to dial is 605-475-4700, pin 154437#.

See ya tonight!

- Adrian 

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Here's some quick words of wisdom if you're looking to quit your job.

Hope it helps you.

- Adrian Hines

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