Hey what's cracking?!

Gonna keep this brief...

Tonight at 8PM ET my fiance' and I will be doing a Google Hangout where we gonna share the vision for our team, how it impacts you, and the capacity in which we are going to serve you.

We'll also be responding to the questions from the survey that was sent out last week.

Make sure you block off your calendar at 8PM ET.

I hope you're excited...cuz when you hear what we're gonna share with you, it'll blow you away.

So bookmark this page and come back at 8PM ET tonight :)



Here's the personality test to take http://bit.ly/300personality  then send results to relaunchyourdreams@gmail.com


- Adrian & Vanessa







"The Newly Engaged Love Birds"



Yep, it's OFFICIAL...

I'm getting married.

I popped the big question Saturday night...

"She" said YES...

I was nervous as crap too...

Talk about butterflies lol, I couldn't eat anymore lol...

Anyways check out the ring below.

And the "life event" change on Facebook...

Now check out the video below to hear what I have to say about the whole ordeal now that the butterflies have settled down a little bit...

Trust me, it'll bless you tremendously whether you are married, single, divorced, or even dating :)


- Adrian Hines

"The Fiance' Of..."


P.S. Thanks for sharing in the excitement with me 

...or ARE YOU?

Want to find out?

Watch the video below my friend.

And in the words of a famour rapper...

...stay true to the game :)


- Adrian 


Here's the blog post I referenced at the end of the video.

And if you like what you see and want to go ahead get started then click here. If not that's cool as well.

- Adrian

(404) 494-0224


A MUST watch if you really want to achieve your goals and be successful and whatever endeavors you go for.

- Adrian

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