Just take our word for it.

Yo what's poppin?!

Adrian and Vanessa here!

Does running an internet marketing business seem confusing to you at times? Like there are too many moving parts?

If so, we feel ya...

That's why in today's video we're going to break down in 3 simple steps how we effectively run our business. Feel free to take what we are using and apply it to yours!

It's all good my friend.

Enjoy...and if it helped you out, please leave a comment below.


- Adrian & Vanessa

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Yesterday's blog post on how we generated 96 leads in one day.

Low cost high quality banners for your Empower blog.

See ya'll in Orlando!!!

- Adrian & Vanessa

Yo yo yo what's cracking?!

Adrian and Vanessa here :)

In today's free training video we're gonna show you how we generated an all time high of 96 leads in 1 single day.

Sounds impossible?

Think again ;0.

In the video below we're also gonna show you some of our highest converting lead capture pages and the lead source we used to get these quality leads.

Just a heads up, some of the stuff that we're teaching on in this video, we paid a few thousand bucks for it...

So DON'T sleep on it.



Oh by the way, if you want the opportunity to work with us, you must

...before we will even consider spending time with you and showing you what we know. You must answer EVERY question as well. Any ommissions automatically disqualifies you. We will get back with you in 24-48 hours.

One last thing, here are the two resources that I mentioned in the video.

Lead capture page creator - Leadpages

Autoresponder provider - Getresponse

Ciao my friend...

We're about to go and enjoy Seattle!

- Adrian & Vanessa


Hey what's cracking?!

Gonna keep this brief...

Tonight at 8PM ET my fiance' and I will be doing a Google Hangout where we gonna share the vision for our team, how it impacts you, and the capacity in which we are going to serve you.

We'll also be responding to the questions from the survey that was sent out last week.

Make sure you block off your calendar at 8PM ET.

I hope you're excited...cuz when you hear what we're gonna share with you, it'll blow you away.

So bookmark this page and come back at 8PM ET tonight :)



Here's the personality test to take http://bit.ly/300personality  then send results to relaunchyourdreams@gmail.com


- Adrian & Vanessa







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